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Hop N' Zip

The hilarious and ribbiting adventures of an excitable frog named HOP and a fearless fly called ZIP.

Hop is a young and spirited pet frog, living in a cosy terrarium within a family home and is always keen for adventure.
Zip is a highly astute and resourceful little housefly with a mischievous knack for outsmarting his enemies. The two characters have a playful curiosity and have formed an unlikely friendship while living in the same family home. They love playing blueberry basketball and dancing the Hokey Croaky together.
There’s only one problem... Bubba.
Bubba is Hop’s dad. He’s an old fashioned bullfrog who simply believes that flies are food, not friends. In every episode, the family leave the home allowing Bubba to escape from the terrarium and gain full rein on the family home, where he can show Hop how to ‘fly hunt’ properly. For any normal fly, this would be bad news. But fearless Zip is incredibly speedy, intelligent and always has imaginative methods of escape that unfold in hilarious ways, especially with his loyal friend Hop who secretly helps out along the way.
This leads to a never-ending battle of wits with lots of slapstick shenanigans and laugh-out-loud consequences... usually for hapless Bubba.

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