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Luna and the Land of Dreams

Luna and the Land of Dreams is a series about a girl who enters children’s dreams to help them overcome their fears and anxieties.

Luna is a Guardian Dream Spirit that lives in Talamh, the Land of Dreams. It’s a place where the moon forever shines, a place where dreams are made. The Magic Forest in Talamh is a whimsical woodland world full of animal spirits.

In the heart of this woodland is Aisling (Irish for dream), the giant dream tree. Through her endless network of roots, Aisling (or Ash for short) absorbs human children’s experiences from the day and converts them into dreams which she returns to them while they are sleeping at night.

However, some of these experiences are not always positive and as a result, can turn into bad dreams. Ash cannot control which dreams are good and which are bad, therefore, she needs Luna’s help. Luna is the only human-like spirit in Talamh and she is the one best suited to helping human children when they are stuck in a bad dream. She relates to them easier and understands their feelings.

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