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Cara's on the Case

Nature detective Cara and her friends solve animal and nature themed problems in the coastal village of Tullybay. It’s nothing short of an adventure when you’ve got a girl, a boy, a dog, and a duck out cracking the case!

Cara’s on the Case is a preschool detective series that follows the adventures of two 8-year-old friends and their gang of super-sleuth helpers, the Clover Club, as they solve everyday mysteries, issues, changes and problems in the natural world around them.

Along with Conor’s dog Flynn, and Cara’s pet duck Reenie – help their community by finding solutions to animal and nature themed issues, like figuring out why the frogs up and hopped away overnight, or who is trampling over Conor’s mum’s prized flowers. They’ll nurture not only their community and the animals and plants involved in their cases, but also their friendship by being supportive and caring of each other.

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