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Bertie's Brainwaves

Broadcaster TBC

Like most 10-year-olds, Bertie has an overactive imagination. But while the weird things other kids
think about stay safely in their noggin…Bertie’s imagination is so powerful it can’t be contained.

Bertie’s Brainwaves is an absurdly imaginative comedy-adventure about the challenges of early-tween life and the effect one boy’s uncontrollable imagination has on the world around him. In fact, these two things are inextricably linked!

How so? Well, in each episode, Bertie encounters an ‘obstacle’ in his everyday life - something he can’t get his head around due to the makeup of his character, or simply because he’s ten. This moment of uncertainty primes his imagination and whatever he thinks of next crosses over from his brain to the real world, making a dramatic yet ridiculous change to his day.

Hey Bertie, frustrated your parents don’t ‘get’ what it’s like to be a kid? BOOM. They mentally regress to children…And it turns out they’re way more trouble than you.Think bird watching is the most pointless thing in the world? BOOM. A tiny warbler turns into a pterodactyl and carries off Eugene’s dad, CONVINCED he’s her chick.
Wish your dog was smarter than your friend’s dog? BOOM. Your dog is now so incredibly clever he’s destined for worldwide fame and may leave you behind for good.

Whatever problem Bertie was facing at the start of the episode, the chaos his brainwave unleashes makes things a thousand times worse. It’s now up to Bertie - along with his pals Donna and Eugene - to find a way to stop it. And in the process, he might just figure out a solution to the everyday obstacle that got his grey cells buzzing in the first place.

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